10pc Drilled Agate Quartz Slices Assorted Colors



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  • They are all top drilled agate slices, irregular, free form, polished, no clasp. Agates are natural,all of them have been artificially color enhanced. So we suggest always keep them dry,dont wear them while sweating or swimming.
  • Agate slice have incredible healing powers. Wholesale items, best for pendant, making, jewelry making, DIY craftsman, agate collector, art designer, artworks, paperweight, housewarming, birthday, agate knobs and whatever your imagination inspires!
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use: these agate slice sets are voiced mellifluous, perfect for wind chime making, Christmas tree hanging, rainbow catcher, window, home, office, garden car decoration and more.
  • The cracks or chipped inside it will be normal. Colors, shapes, stripes may vary from lot to lot. There may be a solid color or may also have lighter and darker color zones.Some pieces may have geode,some may not. Approx 2-4 pieces may come with geode for each one pack 10 pieces per pack.
  • Size for slice:approx 1.8-350-80mm;thickness:approx 0.1;size for hole diameter:approx 2mm;material:agate;weight:approx 40-60 grams/pc;quantity:pack of 10 a drawstring burlap pouch comes as gift
Weight 11 oz

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