Chakra Natural Crystal Healing Kit For Spiritual Metaphysical Reiki or Bohemian Collectors



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We believe in the strength of the mind and its ability to shape our lives. Over the years, we have also seen the amazing ability of crystals to support the mind. We aim to bring the incredible world of crystal healing to you. For the soon to be initiated, were here to provide guidance and support in your healing journey. Whether you have a question regarding which crystals are best suited for you or how to use them effectively, were only a click away. As for the seasoned veterans of the crystal world, we have a vast selection of stones and tools to help you reach the next level of your journey.


Handcrafted Healing Crystals By Mother Nature Herself

Weve scoured the globe hunting down energy-rich healing crystals. Our travels have taken us to Morocco, Brazil, Madagascar and everywhere in between. Were on a first name basis with the amazing people that bring these beauties into sunlight and weve picked exclusively the finest and most powerful stones for a better you.


We Have All Your Chakras Covered

After consulting with dozens of crystal healers and energy gurus, weve found the perfect stones for balancing and aligning your chakras. Weve handpicked the precise minerals according to their healing properties and chosen exclusively top grade specimens. These little gems also portable so you can always be accompanied by your favorite stones wherever you go.


A Perfect Gift For Any Crystal Enthusiast

Our complete chakra healing set is the ideal gift for someone you care about. It includes everything you need to either introduce someone to the world of healing crystals or to just provide an experienced healer with a powerful new tool. The set also comes pre-packaged and ready-to-go for a lucky someone.

Dimensions 4.5 x 4 x 2.5 inches

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